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The television by Internet with the WebTV format takes off in Spain
The number of spectators in this format is in the last increasing months, according to the TerraTV channel, that in November reached a hearing of 650,000 people in Spain, practically the double that in September

Thus the person in charge of the channel, Rodrigo Pineda has explained it, that she has indicated that the WebTV consists basically of a type of television distributed by Internet but with functionalities Web.

The users can realize searches, have systems of recommendation of the own channel or other internauts, with whom in addition communities can create, and can choose when and where to see its favorite programs.

The WebTV is a particular phenomenon within the IPTV, a ampler concept of television than it uses Internet protocol IP to spread his contents, that it includes, among others possibilities, the pay channels, like Imagenio.

The user of the WebTV can enjoy this type of television free of charge, in exchange for seeing some announcement before visionar his favorite program, and if it connects the computer to the television can see also it in that screen.

The system has an intelligent support that it adapts automatically to the bandwidth of the internaut and the recommended minimum is of a mega, although at speeds superiors improves the quality of image and the benefits.

The vestibules that emit this type of television finance exclusively with the publicity, that can have the tools of measurement and segmentation that Internet provides.

Thus, for example, the Spanish users can see videos and programs nonavailable in other countries, but they do not have access to series like “Lost”, that in Chile yes is emitted by Internet.

The producers, the television channels and other suppliers of contents arrange with the WebTV of a new window of commercial operation, that is added until now to the existing ones: the cinema, the DVD the rent and sale, the pay television and finally open.

When the audio-visual product has happened through that cycle can be put at the disposal of the spectators in Internet of a gratuitous and indefinite way.


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