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The purchase of soccers match in PPV falls a 66.2%
They are data of the third trimester of the year, agreeing with the beginning of the call war of soccer, when registering itself 1.531.846 requests against the 4.532.549 of the previous trimester

The report of the Commission of the Market of the Telecommunications on the statistics of the sector of the telecommunications corresponding to the third trimester, reveals a strong fall of the hirings of soccer, whereas the hiring of films grows slightly and the section stays others, with subscribers to the pay television of 3.677.865, similars to those of the previous trimester.

The income of the pay television diminished a 14.7% until the 426.51 million Euros.

The distribution of the subscribers to the pay television stayed in similar terms for the TV by satellite (2.046.000) and television by cable (1.141.110) and TV-IP (490.755), but is this third means of transmission the one that registers a greater variation, with more than 20,000 subscribers more.

The report reveals that in the third trimester the income of the sector of the telecommunications fell around a 4%, until the 10,464, 03 million Euros, had essentially to the fall of the audio-visual services from the 1,600, 67 of the second trimester to the 1,109, 12 of third trimester.

While the retail services, those that are offered to the consumption, diminished a 4.9% up to 8,635 million Euros, (operators) the wholesalers raised 0.2 until the 1,828 million Euros.

The income by movable telephony grew slightly up to 3,876 million Euros whereas those of fixed also lowered slightly until the 1,833 million Euros.


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