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A rocket Ariane 5 places in orbit the first panafricano satellite
The Rascom-Qaf1 is the first panafricano satellite and will give services of telecommunications (direct television, access to Internet) in countryside of Africa and interurban and international connections in all the continent

An European rocket Ariane 5 that took off Friday 21 of December of Kuru (French Guyana) placed in orbit two satellites of telecommunications on behalf of panafricano operator RascomStar-QAF and the North American-Japanese 2 Horizons Satellite LLC.

It will have a life of 15 years.

The second satellite placed in orbit, the Horizons-2, will provide during 15 years service of videotransmisión, Internet and applications in movable communications in the United States, the Caribbean and part of Canada.

In addition, it will serve as support to governmental operators in the matter of inner security, in particular in the American coasts and will offer to services of monitoring and communication the ships of transport of merchandize.


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