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The Mexican Telmex will use the satelite fleet that it has in Brazil
Telmex sent to east year the satellite Star One C1, with cover in Ku band for Brazil and South America, and in February of 2008 new one, the Star One C2 will be sent one, that will have track on North America

This will be possible when the regulation would allow Telmex to introduce services of video in Mexico.

“Telmex has presented/displayed a supply of acquisition of the assets of DTH (company of satelite television) ZAP.TV and potentially can take that platform towards some of the markets where it has presence by means of Star One, the fleet of Brazilian origin”, said Carlos White, analyst of Signals.

The consultant added that it is possible that Telmex follows the strategy of the Telephone Spanish, who sent services of direct television to the home (DTH) in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru through an own platform.

The strategy of Telephone, considers Signals, it aims fidelizar to his clients of telephony determines and broadband by means of packages of multiple services on which discounts are applied.

Or around 98 percent of the subscribers of satelite television of Telephone they have contracted the service by means of some type of double or triple package.

“The gain of that strategy is in the retention of the traditional clients of telecommunications by means of the benefit of the video and not by the same DTH”, it assured Target.

The consultant mentions that the satelite company Echostar, that is a lender of services of satelite television in the United States, could be a potential partner of Telmex in Mexico.

And she is that this company will operate in the Country satellite Quetzsat 1, property of Medcom and SES Americom, in the second semester of the next year.

“Echostar would retake its operation in Mexico after a brief passage at the beginning of the 90, when it operated in society with Medcom and Carlos Slim. That is to say, it would not either be necessary to discard it like the potential partner”, emphasized the analyst.

Telmex hopes that the Secretariat of Communications and Transports authorizes the benefit to him of services of restricted television, because its title of concession prohibits it.


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