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The Portuguese televisions will not be seen in Galicia until 2010
One of the problems additions so that she is possible this in the costs, since a multiplex one of TDT to give cover to 98% of the population approaches the fifteen million Euros

For the reception it will have to be completed the implantation of the autonomic and local transmitters of the TDT, according to Manuel Jose Fernandez Churches, chief of a main directorate of Audio-visual Communication of Galicia.

Fernandez Churches guaranteed that she is going away to ask for to the central Government the multiplex one, channel who allows to lodge several digital programs of television and other services, necessary for this reception, but that “for technical reasons is not possible to plan it and to assign the concrete frequencies of the centers of more than 140 emitters in Galicia until clearing the implantation of the TDT”.

He explained that one is a question of “priorities” and that stops the Xunta is necessary to before guarantee the access to the channels deprived public and of the autonomic TDT.


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