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The Rumanian platform Boom TV reaches the 100,000 subscribers
One is one of the five platforms via satellite of Rumania, that is present in the orbital position of 4º the West of the satellites Masters using the system of conditional access Videoguard

After a time of stagnation in which Boom TV was not able to grow. now it has obtained in the last half year an increase that surpasses the 30,000 subscribers, according to the official data of the own platform.

In fact, Boom TV is the last operator of pay television sent in Rumania, that has the particularitity to have up to five platforms of payment via satellite, led by the unquestionable Digi TV with 1.76 million aboandos at present.

Boom TV supplies near 70 television channels, although the majority is international chains like Europort, Discovery Channel, BBC World, Sky News or VH1 Europe, among others.

The supply of Boom TV is not accessible in the Iberian Peninsula inasmuch as the track of cover of atélites Masters (4º the West) basically concentrates in the zone center this European.


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