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Classic TCM and TCM resign to the publicity in their emissions
It will be as of next day 1 of January of 2008 when the channels of cinema of the Turner group in Spain, Classic TCM and TCM, stop emitting publicity during their emissions

The initiative responds, according to its people in charge, to the exquisite character of both channels and, especially, to the care with which they deal his spectators: a very demanding and loving public of the good cinema.

The programming is formed by largometrajes of quality for all time: Classic TCM approaches productions from the incios of the cinema and to 1970 and TCM of this date to the present time. The spectator finds in these two thematic channels dedicated to the cinema all type of productions of the seventh art, always with a point common: the quality of its histories, interpretations and also of its great level of accomplishment.

In spite of the international peso of the group, both channels offer a programming thought especially for the spectators of our country, in whom the great cycles, the special trims in a certain actor abound or director, the tributes to a certain sort and the careful attention who TCM dedicates to the great cinematographic events, from the Oscar® from Hollywood to the Festival the International of Cinema of San Sebastián.

Ambs channels comprises of the supply of Digital+ and several operators of cable and digital television.

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