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2007 were the year of Nagravisión
The year that leaves us will happen to history through the extensive vulnerability of the system of conditional access of the Swiss company Kudelski S.A. and through its countermeasures that have settled totally the piracy

Several platforms European like TV Cabo, Digital+, Premiere, Digi TV, or Cyfrowy Polsat, and also American like Dish Network, to mention only some, have undergone in own meats throughout this year the 2007 effects of the piracy, or said of another form, the multimillionaire losses by the fraudulent access to their supplies of television channels of payment.

Nagravisión, the system devised by the Swiss society Kudelski S.A. has been easily vulnerable by hackers and in spite of the several carried out countermeasures of precise form, it calculates that million people have in a while acceded or another one to their pay channels.

Kudelsky even got to accuse of piracy to the salesmen and users from receivers of the Dreambox mark. The industralist abiertamente attacked the salesmen and end users of the popular receiver that operates under the operating system Linux. Kudelski justified its attack more because the repector mentioned one facilitates the piracy and the illegal access to the digital platforms via payment satellite, and, in particular, the prote'ge's by its two systems of conditional access, Nagravisión and Seca Mediaguard.

Be that as it may, the certain thing is that the Portuguese platform TV Cabo realized east year a millionaire Investment to change 800,000 cards of its subscribers and thus to apply the successful system Nagravisión 3. The summer was spent and managed to settle the piracy. Simultaneously, the government of Portugal approved a new law during the month of May in that to acquire or to use privately illegal decoders to catch the signal of pay television for a long time penalizes with pains of jail in a measurement demanded by the platform TV Cabo.

TV Cabo he followed the Digital+ Spanish to him with change of cards decoders of his subscribers. For beginnings of 2008, one hopes that they follow by the same way the rest of platforms via satellite that use this system of encryption.

(SatCesc, 28/12/07)

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