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2007: Videoguard is the insurmountable codification, and Drought, almost
The data demonstrate a year more than the platforms of pay television that use the system of conditional access more insurances are those than they have greater number of subscribers

In spite of the rumors of inicos of the year 2007 of which the system of conditional access NDS Videoguard “had been abierto”, these have turned out to be absolutely unfounded and the time has ended up giving the reason. Without doubt, it is the system of invulnerable encryption and more surely worldwide being at the moment impossible to be able to visionar of illegal form the channels that use Videoguard. The platforms BSkyB (the United Kingdom) or Sky Italy demonstrate the effectiveness of this security with the fact of being the leaders in Europe in number of subscribers. To see official data of subscribers

Seca or Mediaguard, also safe

The CanalSat French also can be conceited of subscribers and a system of codification, the Mediaguard (Dry), very pirateado at beginnings of the decade, but practically invulnerable in his second version. In spite of “being abierto” at some time very precise, the certain thing it is that the technical countermeasures, carried out with extreme speed, have left in out of play all fraudulent practice for the illegal vision of those platforms that use this codification, like the CanalSat French, the Cyfra+ Pole and even the Digital+ Spanish, uses who it in her supply of channels of the Astra satellites.

Haltings, fines…

Holders of the news like “police Operation in all Spain against signal piracy TV”, “Fraud in stopped a neighbor community to piratear Digital+” or “27 in an operation against the pirateo of TV signals” have been able to read throughout this 2007. They are the news that will continue reading in the next months in spite of several campaigns of publicity explaining the damages that the piracy supposes.

It is the case of the French company Viaccess S.A. (France Télécom) that at beginnings of 2007 sent to an advertizing campaign against the piracy in the press and specialized publications of France. Before the evidence of which a good number of channels that they emit under this system of conditional access “is abiertos” of illegal form, Viaccess initiated this campaign to sensitize to the public opinion of the damages that tolerates the piracy. In the case of France, TPS and AB the Sat they have seen harmed in several occasions its system of conditional access.

(SatCesc, 28/12/07)

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