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RAI International leaves the codification and emits in abierto by Hot IBRD
The international version of the public chain of the Italian television accessible in is from now on abierto through the orbital position of 13º This of the satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD 6

RAI International emits in the frequency 10.992-V MHz (MR. 27500, FEC 2/3) leaving the system of conditional access BISS, that only allowed to date its vision as it connects technician (feed) to other continents of the planet.

Its presence in abierto obeys to the fact that the chain is gotten up to the package of channels in abierto that supplies RAI through Eutelsat.

RAI International offers in its programming a compendium of the best programs of own production of the Italian public television.

The opening of RAI International goes accompanied with a special programming with concerts and special programs.

Image of RAI International


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