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Problems in first panafricano satellite RASCOM-QAF1
The maneuvers of putting in final orbit of African satellite RASCOM-QAF1, sent to the space the past day 21 of December, are had interrupted to the salary detected an escape in a pressurized helium subsystem

The manufacturer indicated in an official notice that carries out “analyzes” and that will take “quickly” “the appropriate” measures, in agreement with the client, RASCOMSTAR-QAF.

After detecting the escape, the satellite was put “immediately in a stable configuration”, adds the note, that does not give more precisions on the future of the apparatus.

The RASCOM-QAF1, the first panafricano satellite, were sent to the space the past day 21 by an European rocket Ariane from the space base of Kuru, in the French Guayana.

The satellite, with an operative life of 15 years, must provide services of telecommunications to countryside of Africa, with new connections of television and accesses to Internet, as well as I connect interurban and international in all the continent.

(Agencies, 31/12/07)

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