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ONO has 1.054.000 subscribers to the service of television
Data first officers semestral 2008

The present time of ONO, Spanish cable operator

Cinematk will be the invited channel of ONO in February
The Spanish cable operator will offer east channel of independent cinema, of author, alternative, modern, present and vanguardista, like the guest in her internal dial number 15…

ONO is fined to acquire penalties by anticipated losses
Consumption of the Community of Madrid sanctions to ONO with 53,000 Euros to acquire illegal penalties to the users, being demanded 139.20 Euros to terminate itself of the service of anticipated form…

Paramount Comedy will be the invited channel of ONO in January
The Spanish cable operator will offer east channel of entertainment, property of the study of Hollywood Paramount Pictures, like the guest in her internal dial number 15…

We are Paramount Comedy Boomerang

  File of the news of year 2008
01-12 ONO will offer contents of FOX in video under demand
26-11 ONO loses almost 20,000 clients in the third trimester
26-11 Boomerang is the invited channel of ONO in December
07-11 Jose Castilian Maria, new president of ONO
04-11 ONO maintains in October their leadership in the payment TV
03-11 the Telecorazón channel leaves the supply of ONO
24-10 ONO announces the dismissal of 30% of the group
14-10 ONO incorporates new contents of Disney to their videoclub
03-10 Sailing Chanel happens to be called Yacht & Sail
01-10 ONO continues leading the pay television in Spain
01-10 the cable wins to other systems of the TV of payment in Cantabria
23-09 the new channel Goal TV will be gotten up to the supply of ONO
16-09 ONO competes with Imagenio and reduces the price of the service of TV
09-08 ONO sends a bond of soccer of 20 parties by 20 Euros
01-08 ONO closes the first semester with benefits of 20 million
18-07 ONO will emit series of previous RTVE in advance payment
05-07 ONO stays like leader in the TV of payment of Spain
02-06 Ono repeats a month plus its leadership in the pay television
27-05 Natura Channel celebrates its ten years in antenna
23-05 Ono closes the first trimester with 1.8 million clients
22-05 Hogarútil, new channel of ONO dedicated to the leisure in the home
07-05 Ono adds to its videoclub the series of opening of Antenna 3
02-05 ONO turns two years like leader of hearings in payment TV
28-04 Ono and Motorola celebrate the digital decoder number a million
25-04 the subscribers to ONO remained without seeing the Barça - Manchester
24-04 Ono says that the cable is the motor of the society of the information
22-04 ONO increases to 6 megas the speed of Internet in Catalonia
18-04 ONO includes the Motor channel TV in their vestibule
10-04 the Barça channel TV is gotten up to the supply of Ono
01-04 ONO led the pay television in Spain in March with a 7.13%
26-03 ONO increased in 2007 their benefit in a 14.9%
11-03 ONO surpasses the million clients of television by cable
03-03 ONO returns to lead in February the TV of payment in Spain
26-02 Telefé the International will be gotten up to ONO
20-02 MTV Dances returns to ONO replacing to MTV Base
22-01 Ono will demand to summon new contests TDT if the PPV is allowed
  File of the news of year 2007
16-11 Ono approaches the million subscribers to the service of TV
31-10 ONO asks to review the system of exclusive rights of the payment TV
20-06 ONO says to TV payment in Spain will have penetration of 42% in 2009
15-03 ONO approaches the benefits after the purchase of Combines
12-02 ONO anticipates that the payment TV has a fort development
  File of the news of year 2006
01-12 the main French cable company/signature is interested in ONO
02-11 ONO ratifies their leadership in hearings of pay television
10-06 the Government will force the cable to pay to emit TDT channels
31-03 Ono will not emit the 20 channels of the TDT if it is commited to pay to them
13-01 Ono announces use regulation
13-01 Iberdrola sells to Ono 51% of Factory of Channels

      ::: To see the supply of television channels of ONO…

Dial ONO
It consults the supply of television channels of ONO

The television channel invited of ONO of this month of January is PARAMOUNT COMEDY

Qé is ONO?
ONO is the communications company and entertainment by broadband leader in Spain.

It offers, of integrated way, services of telephone, television and Internet to his residential clients. In this segment, it counts with 3.8 million contracted services (RGUs) and more than six million users.

ONO finishes sending `ONO io', a movable convergent service with all the advantages of the fixed one.

In addition, ONO also offers services of added value telecommunications to SMEs, great companies and institutions. ONO counts on the greater own optical fiber network of last generation available in Spain.

ONO closed year 2007 with €1.616 million total income and €642millones of operative benefit (EBITDA).

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