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The Astra satellite 1M soon will be operative…

The news and next launchings of satellites

Eutelsat Hot IBRD has six free transponders
The disappearance of platform TPS and some channels of Mediaset has left without service up to six repeaters of the orbital position of 13º This, that Eutelsat will be useful to return to rent them…

The unsuitable Astra 5A threatens other satellites in active-duty
The Astra 5A follows in the orbital position of 31,5° This when it has been two weeks already unutilised, without fuel and outside control which brings about a serious threat to other near and operative satellites…

Eutelsat loses its new satellite W2M
The W2M will not be able to replace to the Eutelsat W2 in 16° This by an anomaly detected during the period of previous tests before being operative in the assigned orbital position…

File of the news of year 2009
26-01 Eutelsat will enlarge its fleet in two years with 5 new satellites
20-01 the Astra satellite 1M is already in its operative position
17-01 SES Astra leaves to their Astra satellite 5A out of service
12-01 the satellite Hot IBRD 10 will be sent to the space in February
05-01 First tests of the new satellite Eutelsat W2M
File of the news of year 2008
29-12 the Astra satellite 1M soon will be operative
23-12 Ariane will send the Egyptian satellite Nilesat 201
21-12 Sent the satellites 9 Hot IBRD and Eutelsat W2M successfully
11-12 Eutelsat will send the satellite Atlantic IBRD 11
11-12 Place in orbit the Canadian satellite Ciel 2
06-12 Ariane posponeel launching of 9 Hot IBRD and Eutelsat W2M
01-12 the satellite Eutelsat W7 will be operative before April of 2009
27-11 Eutelsat also will be able to operate in 4º the West
27-11 the satellites 9 Hot IBRD and Eutelsat W2M prepare their launching
25-11 the Astra satellite 1M realizes operative tests
10-11 the satellites 9 Hot IBRD and Eutelsat W2M postpone their launching
06-11 the Astra satellite 1M is sent to the space successfully
29-10 Venezuela sends to the space its satellite Simon Bolivar
23-10 Astra reaches 75% of the market of the TV by satellite in Spain
23-10 the satellite that will replace to the Rascom-QAF1 bankrupt will send in 2010
14-10 SES Astra orders the construction of the satellite Sirius 5
08-10 the satellites 9 Hot IBRD and Eutelsat W2M will be sent in November
07-10 Nilesat will rent to a satellite when the run out its present capacity
07-10 the Astra satellite 1M will be sent the 2 of November
25-09 Sent the satellite Galaxy 19 successfully
22-09 Eutelsat will send its new satellite W2A at beginnings of 2009
22-09 Sent the Canadian satellite Nimiq-4 successfully
11-09 Turkey will send two satellites more in next the six years
08-09 the problems of the Eutelsat W5 make unusable a transponder more
01-09 Argentina will construct a satellite that will be placed in orbit in 2011
22-08 Russia places in orbit the greater satellite of the world
18-08 satellites Superbird-7 and AMC-21 are sent to the space
13-08 the Arab satellite Badr 6 enters in good condition
17-07 Sent the satellite EchoStar 11 successfully
16-07 SES Astra orders to the manufacture of the Astra satellite 1N
15-07 the satellite Thor 2 abandons the orbital position of 1º the West
10-07 the French group Thales Alena Space will construct to the satellite Masters 4
08-07 a rocket Ariane 5 sends the satellites 6 Badr and ProtoStar 1
08-07 the Mexican Satmex studies possible sale or fusion
25-06 Türksat projects the manufacture of the Türksat satellites 4A and 5A
24-06 Hispasat adjudges to the satellite 1E to Loral Space Systems
19-06 technical Problems of the satellite Eutelsat W5
17-06 Kazajistán loses the control of its unique satellite
16-06 the Russian satellite Express-AM2 undergoes stability problems
13-06 successfully Sent to Ariane 5 with the Türksat satellites 3A
09-06 China sends the satellite of Zhongxing-9 telecommunications
05-06 the satellite Nilesat 201 will enter year 2010 in good condition
31-05 the Türksat satellite 3A postpones its launching for the second time
22-05 Sent the satellite Galaxy 18 of Intelsat successfully
16-05 Eutelsat assures the satellite Hot IBRD 9
16-05 the Türksat satellite 3A postpones its launching to the 30 of May
13-05 the Venesat-1 satellite will be sent in the middle of October
09-05 the Astra satellite 5A enters four transponders in good condition
30-04 the satellite Sirius 2 adopts the name of Astra 5A
29-04 the Israeli satellite Masters 3 is sent successfully
23-04 the satellite Eutelsat W2M will be sent the next September
21-04 Vietnam places in orbit its first satellite of telecommunications
21-04 the satellite Star One C2 sent successfully to the space
15-04 the Norwegian satellite Thor 5 enters officially in good condition
15-04 satellite AMC 14 occurs by lost after its bankrupt launching
15-04 the Mexican satellite Solidarity 2 is put on sale
19-03 Postponed the launching of the American satellite DirecTV 11
17-03 satellite AMC-14 will have less operative life of the awaited one
17-03 Uruguay and Venezuela complete details of the satellite Simon Bolivar
12-03 the Mexican satellite Satmex VII will begin to be constructed shortly
27-02 Eutelsat orders to Thales Alenia space new satellite W3B
25-02 Japan successfully sends a satellite for Internet in broadband
15-02 the new satellite Eutelsat W3B will be operative in 2010
12-02 the Norwegian satellite Thor 5 is sent to the space
12-02 Thor 5 has a cover beam that all Europe will cover
06-02 Ponen in orbit an African satellite just by two years of life utility
31-01 the satellite Sirius 4 remains only in the orbit of 5º This
28-01 a Russian rocket Proton sends to spaced the Express-AM33 satellite
18-01 Sirius 4 replaces to all the transponders of Sirius 2
17-01 an Ariane-5 will place in orbit in 2010 the emiratí satellite Yahsat 1A
16-01 Sent to the space the Arab satellite Thuraya-3
14-01 Arianespace will send in 2009 the satellite for America de Hispasat
14-01 Eutelsat will send an exclusive satellite of Ka band
10-01 Sirius 4 is less powerful in the south of Europe that its predecessor
02-01 the new satellite Sirius 4 is placed in 5º This
File of the news of year 2007
31-12 Problems in first panafricano satellite RASCOM-QAF1
24-12 a rocket Ariane 5 places in orbit the first panafricano satellite
24-12 the Mexican Telmex will use the satelite fleet that it has in Brazil
18-12 the satellite Eutelsat W3A will change of orbital position in 2009
14-11 the satellite Amazon 2 of Hispasat will be sent by an Ariane-5
18-11 the satellite Sirius 4 is sent to the space
01-11 Eutelsat orders a new satellite for the fleet Hot IBRD
24-10 the Astra satellite 1E is placed in the position of 23,5º This
22-10 China constructs installation for communications satellites
10-10 Satmex will send a new satellite in 2010
08-10 an Ariane 5 places in orbit the satellite Intelsat 11
04-10 the first artificial satellite turns 50 years
19-09 the new DirectTV-10 satellite enters in good condition
04-09 India sends its Insat-4CR satellite successfully
12-07 the Astra satellite 1L begins to be operative in 19,2º This
09-07 Russian Rocket places in orbit the American satellite DirecTV-10
25-06 Arianespace will place in orbit the Indian satellite Insat 4G
20-06 Arianespace will place in orbit the Arabsat-5 satellite of Saudi Arabia
01-06 China sends the communications satellite SinoSat-3
17-05 First active signal of the satellite Eurobird 9 in 9º This
17-05 New Skies will send new satellite NNS 12 for 57º This
14-05 China places in orbit its first African satellite for Nigeria
06-05 the rocket Ariane 5 puts in orbit the Astra satellite 1L
14-03 20 transponders of Hot IBRD 2 are transferred to Hot IBRD 8
19-02 satellite NSS-703 will follow until 2009 after the failure of the NSS-8
16-02 Hot IBRD 7A will change of orbit when it operates HotBird 10
31-01 Fracasa the launching to the space of satellite NSS-8
File of the news of year 2005
08-11 Lanzan one of the greater commercial satellites
20-06 Arianespace will place in orbit Japanese satellite

Launchings of new satellites
  • 10-02-2009
    : Express AM44
    (11º the West) to replace to Express A3

    Express MD1 (80º This)

  • 12-02-2009
    : Hot IBRD 10
    (13º This)

    NSS 9 (177º the West) to replace to NSS 5

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