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File the news of Terrestrial Digital TV (TDT) - Years 2005-2006

  File of the news of year 2006
14-12 2 million digital receivers were sold in Spain in 2006
13-12 the penetration of the TDT grows in second half of 2006
04-12 RTVE maintains its supply gratuitous of 6 channels in TDT
01-12 the lack of information on the TDT can complicate the blackout
01-12 80% of the Spaniards not yet have seen the TDT in their first year
29-11 Veo Television turns a year in antenna
27-11 the development of the interactive TV in Spain does not advance
27-11 the implantation of the TDT goes over the expectations
24-11 Multi-channel it is added to the supply of TDT of Antenna 3
22-11 the TV private renove requests a plan to impel the TDT
20-11 Only three of each one hundred people see TV through system TDT
Only 02-11 a 3% of the television hearing bet by the TDT
30-10 More than 10.5 million Spaniards they see the TDT already
20-10 Vasile predicts that there will be no site for all the new chains
19-10 Andorra will be the second European country in extinguishing the analogical TV
16-10 the purchase of TDT decoders was accelerated in summer
09-10 the Xunta will invest 25 million until 2013 to guarantee the cover of TDT in Galicia
05-10 6 million Spanish homes receive the TDT, according to the government
02-10 Empieza the campaign of promotion of the Terrestrial Digital TV
25-09 a 7.7% of the Spanish homes are equipped with the TDT
15-09 Sony TV will emit 19 hours daily and aspires to become the eighth channel
05-07 Antena.Neox, leader of supply TDT in Spain
21-06 the unfolding of the terrestrial digital TV is accelerated in Spain
20-06 the adaptation to the TDT maintains a rate remarkable
10-06 the Government will force the cable to pay to emit TDT channels
25-05 Three million televisions for TDT will have at the end of year
08-05 Hearings of TDT show to reduction channels of the generalist ones
03-05 the first official measurement of TDT locates its consumption in a 1.8%
05-04 Ministerial order that regulates the adaptation to the TDT
05-04 Sixth it assures legal endorsement to emit the World-wide one
31-03 Ono and R will not emit the 20 channels of the TDT if it is commited to pay to them for that reason
26-03 Arranca the informative campaign on the Terrestrial Digital Television
16-03 the terrestrial digital television already is in 2,5 million homes
13-03 45% of the Spanish buildings need to adapt the wiring for the TDT
02-03 the TDT could invoice to this year 12 million Euros in publicity
24-02 14 million televisions in Spain do not have decoder for TDT
21-02 a million receivers for the TDT already have been sold in Spain
20-02 the TDT is relaunched in Spain
09-02 Tele 5 anticipates economic problems for the new channels of TDT
08-02 a study says that the poverty of contents puts brake to the TDT
08-02 the EU satisfied with the progress with conversion to the digital TV
07-02 the OCU thinks that the digital receivers are bad
07-02 In danger the interactivity of the TDT by the massive sale of zappers
06-02 Antenna 3 sees shining future for the generalist televisions and denies that publicity affects the TDT
30-01 Sixth it acquires 2,000 meters squared in the City of the Image
27-01 Director Contained Telecinco creates TDT will complement to general TV
24-01 the chains look for formulas to operate the pull of the TDT
18-01 Antenna 3 acquires a system for the interactive services of the TDT
17-01 Telephone it will compete with Abertis in the transport of TDT signals
17-01 Telecinco will destine 15 million in 2006 to digital television
11-01 Digital+ augurs frustration by the TDT because it is sent with filling channels
09-01 the Spaniards will buy this year 1.8 million TDT receivers
07-01 the associations of consumers say that still the advantages of the TDT are not appraised
02-01 the TDT will reach a million Spanish homes after Christmas
  File of the news of year 2005
27-12 Campaign of the Catalan Autonomous Government in the 2006 to inform into the TDT
13-12 the operators warn of the danger of the cheap decoders
06-12 the TDT will be at the moment an evil business, according to experts
30-11 Comienzan in Spain the emissions of the TDT
30-11 Antenistas guarantees the nonincrease of costs by the TDT
29-11 About 850,000 homes will receive the signal of TDT to end of year
28-11 Consumers warn of the increase of the prices of receivers
28-11 Marcas well-known will give content to the new channels of TDT
20-11 thousand neighbor communities per day adapt their antennas
17-11 the TVE begins to emit in TDT Channel 24 Hours and Teledeporte
16-11 the Government studies to lower the price of the adaptation to the TDT
15-11 22 new channels from the 30 of November
11-11 Pistol shot from exit to the channels of the TDT in Spain
11-11 30 TVC will send to November new channel and will have seven in two years
09-11 Pornography and tarot will disappear of the local TDT
18-10 Piden that the administration contributes economic and politically the TDT
18-10 the signal of the TDT will cost about thousand Euros in buildings previous to 1999
11-10 the TDT will create in Madrid more of a thousand of jobs
30-09 Telecinco will send two new channels for the TDT
28-09 Expenses of the neighbor communities to receive the TDT
07-09 the new analogical private TV can favor the transit to the TDT
02-09 the TV local in risk before the distribution of licenses
20-07 the Government wants that the private sector confronts the challenge of the TDT
19-07 the 20 digital TV channels, before the 30 of November
12-07 21 free channels for the Spaniards before year end
15-06 Entra in force Law Impulse of the Terrestrial Digital Television
02-06 Approved the project of law of the Terrestrial Digital Television
26-05 the TVE will have 8 channels in the future terrestrial digital television
25-05 Brussels fixes the 2012 like the aim of the analogical TV
12-05 the French TDT bet by the TV of continuous information
02-05 a 3% of the population can to receive the TDT
29-04 the new Congress authorizes the analogical creation of TV
29-04 the Spanish law of Digital TV locates the analogical blackout in 2010
28-04 Canal+ will emit in open without the law of Terrestrial Digital Television
05-04 the experts against more TV analogical in Spain
31-03 the terrestrial digital television starts in France with 14 gratuitous channels
30-03 the digital TV abre expectations to the operators of telecommunications
29-03 ready the thematic channels of the TVE in the TDT before year end
28-03 the Congress rejects to extend the term of amendments to the TDT law
27-03 the Catalan Autonomous Government thinks that in 2008 there will be an ample reception of the TDT
12-03 Spain is to the tail of Europe in terrestrial digital television

TDT via satellite
The TDT by the Hispasat satellites…

Terrestrial Digital TV
Count down for the beginning of the new one was audio-visual in Spain with the TDT

Terrestrial Digital TV
National channels
List of the supply of the Spanish chains in TDT…

Doubts on the TDT
How I tune the channels?
In the case of the single-family houses with the decoder it is sufficient. If it is a building with communitarian antenna, besides this apparatus the installer must place in the antenna a small amplifier monochannel. Hill between 50 and 100 Euros by each building.

When will be definitive the digital television?
In few years. The disconnection of the present analogical transmitters will be in the 2008 for the local televisions and in the 2010 for the others. It already denominates the analogical blackout.

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