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The Catalan TV3 wants to reactivate their channel of high resolution…

Terrestrial Digital TV
Count down for the beginning of the new one was audio-visual in Spain with the TDT

The present time of the Terrestrial Digital Television (TDT)

90% of the Spanish already can receive TDT signal
This is possible thanks to the last extension of cover of Abertis Telecom, previous to the first blackout at national level the 30 of June of this year that will affect to near five million Spaniards…

All the installers of official TDT are not installers
Many complaints exist on the centers of emission of the TDT, but also it is certain that the great majority of the problems considers in the own receiving installation, that is to say, of the home…

Everything to point for the starting of the second TV channel Galicia
The emissions of G2 will begin of official form Monday, 2 of February through the terrestrial digital television after a period of tests during the week ends with the transmission of minority sports…

I see Barça TV Disney Channel

  File of the news of year 2009
29-01 new channel 24,9 of TVV will begin its emissions in February
22-01 IB3 and TV3 in TDT will be able to be seen in the Balearics and Catalonia
21-01 Catalonia wants to solve deficiencies of cover of the TDT
20-01 the TDT reaches already to 90% of the territory of Catalonia
19-01 a mini part of decoders TDT is interactive
19-01 half of Aragon still does not have cover to the TDT
15-01 the terrestrial digital television takes in Portugal the 29 of April
13-01 the TDT manages to penetrate in a 45% at the end of 2008 in Spain
13-01 SIDSA and Secuenzia are allied to send the TDT of payment
07-01 Five million Euros to promote and to spread the TDT
  File of the news of year 2008
29-12 Antenna 3 changes the logo of its channels Neox and Nova
18-12 TV3 will be emitted in Valencia if therefore autonomic government decides
16-12 Culture looks for financing for its new channel of TDT
12-12 the TDT surpasses 20% of the total consumption of the Spanish TV
12-12 the chains want a TDT of payment but they doubt in applying it
12-12 3,600 from Soria ones could remain without seeing TV after the blackout
12-12 30,000 from Avila ones could remain without seeing the TV after the blackout
11-12 Barça TV begins to emit through the TDT only for Catalonia
02-12 TV3 considers to continue emitting Channel 9 in Catalonia
02-12 the TDT will arrive at all Spain thanks to the satellite
02-12 Astra opposes the contest of the cover of the TDT in Madrid
29-11 the TDT of Spain turns three years of operation
28-11 Antenna 3 requests the high resolution in the TDT is voluntary
26-11 the Hispasat satellites will distribute the signal of the Spanish TDT
25-11 the analogical blackout in 2010 has an uncertain future
25-11 Cantabria breaks contract with Astra it will have because it free
19-11 Astra blames Hispasat of monopoly in the unfolding of the TDT
19-11 the Catalan TV3 wants to reactivate their channel of high resolution
18-11 Cantabria cancels with Astra to distribute the signal of TDT by satellite
13-11 Localia TV disappears of the Spanish televising map
13-11 Barça TV will be able to be seen in Catalonia by the TDT before year end
12-11 65,000 Spanish buildings still do not have TDT
10-11 the analogical signal of TV will not go out without the DS
04-11 Galicia will count on a satellite for the cover of the TDT
03-11 NEOX is confirmed like absolute leader of the thematic channels
03-11 Forecast of a significant growth of receivers for the TDT
29-10 signal TDT already arrives in optimal conditions at 87% of the country
28-10 the Balearics glide to yield one of channels TDT of IB3 to TV3 both
24-10 the Government destines east year 35 million Euros for the TDT
Almost 17-10 60% of the Spaniards have TDT
14-10 Aumenta the interest to see the Spanish TDT through satellite
13-10 EiTB starts up his third channel dedicated to youth
08-10 the TDT receivers surpass 12 million in Spain
07-10 Aragon will destine 30 million Euros for the extension of the TDT
02-10 the continuous TDT with its growth in Spain
22-09 Spain studies to use the satellite for the cover of the TDT
22-09 Channel 9 will develop a continuous channel of the news for TDT
18-09 the Catalan TV3 gives frenazo to their chain of high resolution
11-09 main the TV of Spain sees nonviable 40 channels in open
03-09 the Government thinks that in 2009 the TDT of payment will be viable
26-08 from Soria ones satisfied with the evolution with the project of the TDT
25-08 Mediapro foretells great crisis if the TDT in open stays
18-08 Preguntan if RTVE will emit in High resolution through the TDT
18-08 Cantabria invests 6.5 million of € in the implantation of the TDT
13-08 the TDT will have better contents than the present television
12-08 Channel 9 initiates the emissions in TDT in Catalonia
09-08 Record of hearing of Disney Channel in first month in open
09-08 the cover of the TDT reaches 89% of the Spanish population
06-08 the Spanish Government discards the TDT of payment
29-07 Industry finances part of first stage of cover of the TDT
28-07 the system of installment of the TDT prevails in Europe
28-07 the TDT will arrive at all Catalonia in 2009 July
24-07 Mediapro will send its channel of soccer of payment in the next League
23-07 Soria releases the TDT two years before the analogical blackout
18-07 First compatible decoder TDT with the national identity document-and
16-07 the prevailed ones ask the Government who regulates the entrance of the TDT
12-07 Mediapro announces a channel of TDT for all the soccer of payment
09-07 the TDT increases in more of 50% their daily spectators
02-07 Telecinco defends the TDT of payment with opportunities for all
01-07 Disney Channel begins to emit in open through the TDT
01-07 TDT and Internet will increase the investment advertizing
30-06 More channels in abierto of the TDT disappear of Hispasat
27-06 RTPA and Localia start up the management of the TDT in Asturias
25-06 Two of each three Spanish homes already receive the TDT
23-06 the Catalan Autonomous Government will initiate another campaign of promotion of the TDT
13-06 the Government protests to the contained best chains for TDT
10-06 Spain and Italy decide to foment the transition to the TDT
06-06 RTVE will invest more than 8 million Euros in its channels TDT
04-06 the TVs insists on the pay channels to impel the TDT
04-06 the quota of screen of the TDT already surpasses to the cable
03-06 the Sapec company shows its solutions for HD and IPTV
02-06 Spain will have an average cover of TDT of 88% in August
30-05 Vender televisions without TDT and warning will be sanctioned
30-05 Agreement for the emissions of the local TDT in the Canary Islands
29-05 33% of the Spanish already can see the terrestrial digital TV
28-05 Disney Channel will be seen in open through the TDT
26-05 Mail TV is first private Gallego who gives the jump to the TDT
22-05 54% of the buildings are adapted for the arrival of the TDT
22-05 the TV's supports the blackout if the digital penetration is of 95%
21-05 Italy surpasses the 8 million terrestrial digital receivers
21-05 the government reiterates that the blackout will be the 3 of April of 2010
21-05 the blackout of the analogical TV of Soria will be the 23 of July
19-05 Balearic television IB3 will be able to be seen outside the islands by TDT
15-05 10 million receivers for the TDT have been sold in Spain
15-05 Piden in new Galicia a multiplex one for the TV's Portuguese
14-05 Digital Sky sees postponed the TDT of payment that wants to send
13-05 Companies of electronics say that the 2010 blackout is feasible
09-05 90% of the televisions sold in Spain integrate the TDT
09-05 Sogecable asks that the implantation of the TDT is reframed
05-05 the signal of the TDT does not arrive at 10% of A Fonsagrada
29-04 Mediapro assures that the implantation of the TDT is not possible
25-04 Two companies aspire to control the terrestrial digital TV lusa
22-04 the Godó Group extends the cover from the TDT to all Catalonia
14-04 More of 30% of the Spanish homes they have TDT
10-04 the high resolution of TeleDeporte will tolerate changes in the TDT
10-04 Telecinco wants to postpone in 5 years the transition to the TDT of payment
09-04 the government assures the analogical blackout in the predicted date
07-04 Fear to that the free phantom of the blackout is pirateado
04-04 the cover of the TDT in Spain surpasses 85% of the population
03-04 France has a new supply of TV via satellite for the TDT
01-04 Cantabria will summon new contest for the autonomic TV
28-03 the TVE starts up a Cultural Channel for the TDT
27-03 Austria will use the Astra satellite to spread its TDT
18-03 the TDT of Cantabria will use the position of 23,5º This of Astra
10-03 Fonsagrada, first Spanish municipality of the analogical blackout
05-03 France prohibits sale of televisions without integrated digital receiver
05-03 the RTVE channels recover the leadership of the TDT
04-03 autonomic and local 50% of TV digital have been granted
04-03 Promo in TDT, new channel of Sogecable
03-03 Intereconomía TV replaces Net TV in the Spanish TDT
29-02 Finland concludes the last phase of the analogical blackout
29-02 Nace Armchair TV, a videoclub in house through the TDT
28-02 IB3 increases the cover of their TDT to 90.9% of the population
28-02 the payment by TDT frequencies would damage competition and creation
15-02 Telecinco renews its TDT with new channels
14-02 the TVE will offer the JJOO of Beijing in high resolution for the TDT
08-02 the hearing of the TDT surpasses 10% of quota of screen
07-02 the TVE is leader of hearing of the TDT and the thematic channels
07-02 Antenna 3 triples the investment in its channels of TDT
05-02 France will have terrestrial digital TV of payment in high resolution
04-02 the TDT in Spain continues increasing
01-02 Antena.Neox leads the thematic channels in Spain
29-01 Telecinco could request a delay of 5 years in the TDT of payment
28-01 Peru will begin east year its emissions of terrestrial digital TV
22-01 Ono will demand to summon new contests TDT if the PPV is allowed
11-01 One of each four Spanish homes has terrestrial digital TV
07-01 Llega the TDT through Hispasat satellite
  File of the news of year 2007
14-12 the TVE will create a cultural channel of 24 hours by TDT
13-12 Some operators do not create in the TDT, according to the manufacturers
06-12 Record of sales of TDT decoders
03-12 Brazil is sent to the TDT and determines the blackout for June of 2016
30-11 Veo Television turns two years
28-11 the payment by vision in TDT is armored against the piracy of the signal
22-11 the Spanish Government creates an error not to impel the TDT of payment
21-11 the autonomic ones will be able to emit in the bordering communities
16-11 3 Antenna and Sogecable supports that the TDT can be of payment
16-11 TV3 and Channel 9 will be able to be seen in Catalonia and Valencia
13-11 Three different satellites allow to see the French TDT in open
09-11 New record of sales of TDT receivers
09-11 ETB will start up in 2008 a third digital TV channel
08-11 Catalonia advances in a year the digital ignition
07-11 the Senate asks that the TDT in Spain is free
06-11 Nace Dahlia TV to commercialize products of payment by the TDT
05-11 Antena.Neox recovers the leadership of the TDT
24-10 the Spanish Government could authorize emissions of TDT of payment
23-10 Mediapro initiates the tests of payment by vision in TDT
22-10 Six chains will emit in TDT spectacles of payment by vision
19-10 the United Kingdom begins the blackout of the analogical TV
16-10 Sweden concludes the transition of the analogical TV to the digitalis
08-10 Users worried about the sales of analogical televisions
08-10 the sale of the receivers with integrated TDT is increased
04-10 the Spanish Government will extend the cover of the TDT
03-10 Italy will apply the analogical blackout in 2012
03-10 the TDT manages to overcome in Spain the barrier of 8% of penetration
02-10 BSkyB projects the TDT of payment in the United Kingdom
02-10 Industry will destine east year 19.3 million Euros to the TDT
01-10 First experience of interactive Terrestrial Digital Television
25-09 Andorra is the third European country that realizes the analogical blackout
24-09 SIDSA sends system of protection of the signal of TDT by satellite
13-09 historical Maximum of sales of televisions with integrated TDT
11-09 the Spanish Government will study TDT of payment if the industry asks
07-09 Spain leads the cover of the terrestrial digital TV in Europe
04-09 the TDT already reaches 7.5% of the hearing in Spain
31-08 the interactivity of the TDT is little, according to the consumers
30-08 Portugal initiates the process to regulate the TDT
30-08 the chains of local TDT continue growing against the analogical ones
23-08 the TDT is received already in one of each five homes in Spain
29-07 Sixth it starts up the channel Home 10 in the TDT
23-07 the ELEVEN criticism the inaccessibility of the TDT for the blind
13-07 About 14 million people will stop catching the analogical TV before 2010
11-07 Hispasat proposes to use its satellite to increase cover of TDT
11-07 3.3 million Spaniards connect every day to the TDT
11-07 Impulsa TDT denounces sale of televisions that France does not admit
05-07 5 Tele and Antenna 3 those in favor of a gradual development of the TDT
22-06 32% of buildings with antenna already have been equipped for the TDT
21-06 the Spanish Government will impel the analogical blackout in four phases
21-06 Sixth he will destine his second channel of TDT to contents of the home
18-06 the industry is prepared to advance the analogical blackout
14-06 Impulsa TDT protests to the Spanish Government who fulfills the terms
13-06 the analogical blackout of TV in Spain will begin east year
07-06 the growth of the TDT slows down in Spain
06-06 the TDT returned to mark in May a new historical record
29-05 the forecasts of publicity in the TDT lower a 23%
14-05 the TDT reaches a hearing of 5.9% in April
11-05 17.6% of the Spanish homes have a TDT receiver
08-05 the implantation of structures for the TDT is very outpost
04-05 Antenna 3 already emits 21 programs created for its digital channels
28-04 Antenna 3 power its two channels of TDT
26-04 17.6% of the Spanish homes already have terrestrial digital TV
24-04 Impulsa TDT and ASIMELEC will promote the transition to the TDT
19-04 Abertis Telecom and Microsoft would work jointly in TDT
17-04 total Success of sales of receivers of TDT in France
11-04 the number of receivers of TDT in Spain surpasses 4.1 million
03-04 the consumption of TDT during March reached 5.7% of the total
02-04 Industry completes an agreement so that all the teles take TDT
26-03 TV3 is prepared to emit in high resolution the 23 of April
13-03 the 3/24 of TVC start up an interactive service for the TDT
12-03 Aumentan the sales of televisions with built-in TDT
09-03 the sale of TDT tuners surpasses 3.8 million
06-03 the sale of decoders for TDT breaks a new record
02-03 a 5.3% of the hearing already watch by TDT
02-03 the operators of digital TV protest to unify the receivers
27-02 the receivers with hard disk could be more expensive with the new canon
23-02 Portugal will stop the analogical emissions of TV in the 2012
21-02 I SEE presents/displays its new programming
21-02 80% of the Spaniards continue seeing the analogical terrestrial TV
09-02 BSkyB will start up a service of TV of payment in TDT
05-02 the World-wide one of Soccer of Germany 2006 impelled the TDT in Spain
29-01 Haste will operate an autonomic television in Asturias
24-01 the TV private asks the Government to reduce the cover of the TDT
15-01 the Government wants to force an improvement in the contents of the TDT
15-01 Portugal determines the blackout of the analogical television to the 2012
08-01 the TDT registers in Spain a quota of market of 2%

      ::: To see the file of the news of the TDT in 2005 and 2006…

TDT by satellite
The TDT will arrive at all Spain thanks to the satellite…

Terrestrial Digital TV
National channels
List of the supply of the Spanish chains in TDT…

Gallery of images

Spanish chains in Terrestrial Digital Television…

Doubts on the TDT
How I tune the channels?
In the case of the single-family houses with the decoder it is sufficient. If it is a building with communitarian antenna, besides this apparatus the installer must place in the antenna a small amplifier monochannel. Hill between 50 and 100 Euros by each building.

When will be definitive the digital television?
In few years. The disconnection of the present analogical transmitters will be in the 2008 for the local televisions and in the 2010 for the others. It already denominates the analogical blackout.

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