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Spain is to the tail of Europe in terrestrial digital television
To day of today, the penetration of the TDT in Spain is of 1%, locates which it to the tail of Europe and with the sad mark of being the unique country in which it has undergone a backward movement and the terms anticipated for their implantation are questioned

The panorama is still more dark if it considers that from the year 2000 the prices of the TDT receivers have gone in continuous reduction and at the moment they are placed in the threshold of the one hundred Euros, one third part of the investment that supposed four years back.

The United Kingdom, with 3.900.000 homes preparations to tune the supply of the TDT, is placed at the top, a number 30 times superior to the one of Spain. The implantation of this technology in that one country surpasses the 16 percent. Finland and Italy, with 400,000 homes each, triple to us, whereas the data of Germany and Sweden supposes the double that our better registry.

Taking care of the evolution of the number of provided homes of TDT receivers it is possible to be verified that in the rest of countries authentic impulses of this technology in a short period of time have taken place. In the 2001 United Kingdom it added 1.217.000 homes, and it the past closed year with almost four million. Sweden grows from the 83,000 homes of four years ago to the 270,000 of 2004. Finland underwent in that same period a growth of the 8,000 percent: from the 5,000 to the 400,000 homes with which it dismissed the previous exercise.

In other countries where the starting of the emissions of the terrestrial digital TV began later, as they are the cases of Holland (April of 2003) and Italy (December of 2003), the growth are very accused. Holland has obtained in eighteen months a mass of 40,000 homes preparations for this televising technology, whereas in Italy in only a year it has been arrived at the number of 400,000 homes, 270,000 more than in Spain, although we have had the competitive advantage to begin to emit in TDT several ahead years (May of 2000).

Data so little encouraging as these already have shot the alarms in the sector, where the skepticism grows and it is afraid that the announced “analogical blackout” (final of the conventional TV to the benefit of the digitalis) cannot take place in accordance with predicted if the Government nonbet by an authentic plan of urgent measures for the impulse of the terrestrial digital television.

A very distant blackout

Two months ago, the Executive approved in Cabinet a first draft of law of tried impulse of the TDT, the liberalization of the television by cable and promotion of the pluralism, that advanced to two years the “analogical blackout”, from 2012 to 2010. Despite and by paradoxical that can be, actually the governmental project abre the door to new analogical operators and the political and sectorial debate is not now in the future digital, but the possibility that analogical phantom is freed radioelectric and Channel + it can become a chain deprived in abierto more.

Spain also appears between the countries that have determined to more long term the mentioned “blackout” (2010): Germany (in march), Holland (2004), the United Kingdom (2006-2012), Italy (2006), Norway (2006), Finland (2007), Sweden (2008), France (2010), Ireland (2010), Austria (2012) and Switzerland (2015).


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