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The terrestrial digital television starts in France with 14 gratuitous channels
The Gallic country is united to the group of countries like Sweden, Italy, England and Germany where the TDT is a reality. The supply of channels will be increased in September

The project of the TDT in France begins after seven years of controversial gestation and seeing the light in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Italy or Spain, where it was sent in 1999, although the Congress transacts a project of law for its development.

The new television initiates its walking in France in 17 cities, among them Paris, Lyons, Marseilles, Rennes and Toulouse, who cover to a 35% of the French homes, although its objective is to arrive at 85% in 2007 and considerably to increase the list initial of chains, as much gratuitous as of payment, between September of 2005 and March of 2006.

The defenders of the TDT, that emphasizes of her their gratuity, quality and simplicity, have several years to convince to a market considered in 40 million people who are not paid to the television by cable or satellite, because the “blackout” of the analogical television is predicted stops around 2010.

By then, all the homes will have to receive the televising images by via digitalis, a “cathodic revolution”, according to the experts, similar to the arrival, at the end of the seventy and principles of years 80, of the television in color, at least as far as the change of habits of the French.

At the moment, the Gallic citizens seem to let themselves touch by the experience, but still they are far from to be totally convinced.

Equipped with modest budgets, the new channels will have to make finery of originality and inventiveness to find their place in a so competitive sector, because the success of the TDT will depend to a great extent on the offered programming.

The forecasts indicate that they will be acquired in 2005 near a million adapters, of which 70,000 have been sold in the last 15 days already, according to numbers of the great surfaces of the audio-visual thing, that assure to have exhausted their existence with this “new Filo'n” in spite of the caution recommendations the experts.

With a cost considered among 70 and 500 Euros and an average price of 120 Euros, the adapters at the moment for sale will not be used for the pay channels and could stop being useful for the gratuitous ones based on the evolution of the tie technology to the television new born.

The launching of the TDT ends seven difficult years of gestation, with political battles, technical discussions, resources to the highest legal instances and a pulse between the empire of the main deprived chain of France TF1, the chain with more hearing of Europe, and that were arranged to debilitate it.

Six channels public

Of the 14 new channels of TDT, six they are public: the four that already is emitted in open (5 France 2, France 3, France and Art) and two additional standards, France 4, dedicated to the culture and the spectacles, another channel that will be divided in two halves: The Chaine Parlamentaire and Senat Public. Between the deprived transmitters, to the already existing ones (colossus TF1, first channel of the country, M6 and the contents in abierto of Canal+) Direct 8, W9, TMC, NT1, NRJ12 and TMC, the majority of communications groups are added that make entrance in the coveted market of the gratuitous television.


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